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David Woodhouse of Isle of Mull Wildlife Expeditions Nominated for 2007 Spirit of Scotland Award

Wild Scotland member, David Woodhouse of Isle of Mull Wildlife Expeditionswas one of four nominees for this year’s Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards in association with the Scotsman. In their tenth year, the awards celebrate the wealth of talent in Scotland from The Arts to Business.

David was nominated in the environment category, which was new for 2007. His fellow nominees were:

  • James Curran, former Head of Strategy at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, who has now changed career to open Entrading, an eco-store in Glasgow selling environmental household goods.
  • Paul Ramsay, who has championed efforts to reintroduce the beaver into Scotland. For 40 years an outspoken environmentalist, he farms organically and has established large areas of native woodland and wetland.
  • Stuart Brooks, Head of Conservation for the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

David starting running Isle of Mull Wildlife Expeditions 25 years ago and is an active campaigner for the Isle of Mull and surrounding area to be nominated for Scotland’s first Coastal and Marine National Park.

The overall award went to Paul Ramsay, but our congratulations to David for being nominated for this illustrious award.

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