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The Philiphaugh Salmon – Philiphaugh Estate launches new DVD

Philiphaugh Estate near Selkirk is one of the best places in Scotland to watch the magnificent atlantic salmon migrate and the launch of a new DVD filmed on the estate enables visitors to take home a truly special souvenir.

‘The Philiphaugh Salmon’ is a feature length DVD of all the highlights the incredible underwater wildlife in the Ettrick Water and celebrates the fabulous iconic salmon in all their migrating glory as they attempt to leap over the cauld to make their way upriver to spawn. Underwater filming reveals superb images of the fish below the cauld from fresh silver salmon to those ‘in the tartan’ as they have darkened to the reds and black colouration of their breeding dress.

The underwater cameras are running all year round and a revealing commentary throughout the film explains the mysterious lifecycles and the international migrations undertaken not just by the salmon but also the European eel and sea trout. The footage provides a unique opportunity to watch these species close up and in their natural environment.

Underwater cameras at the salmon viewing centre reveal live images of life in the Ettrick Water beneath the cauld throughout the day and throughout the year. The images are on show to the public in the centre and visitors have the opportunity to use a control panel to switch between underwater and overhead cameras.

The viewing facilities at Philiphaugh Salmon Viewing Centre near Selkirk are free of charge and it is hoped that the proceeds from the sale of the DVD will help towards the running and maintenance cost of the salmon viewing centre so that it can remain as a free facility for the benefit of all the local visitors as well as tourists attracted to the area.

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