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Go Roving with Moray Diving’s new ROV!

Lossiemouth based boat operator, Moray Diving has a new addition to its trips – an ROV, or Remotely Operated Vehicle (pictured).

This strange looking machine enables passengers on the boat to see what is living beneath the boat, and is proving to be of great interest to guests.

By lowering the machine over the side of the boat, skipper Bill Ruck can operate the ROV’s movements from the boat. Images are then transmitted back to the boat where people can see what is on the seabed.

Bill Ruck, owner and skipper of Moray Diving said, ‘the ROV is proving popular on the trips when the weather allows. I have used it in the harbour after trips and there has been some amazement from what is going on ‘Under the Surface’ even there. We’ll be using it more during trips, as long as the seals don’t swim off with it! They’re as interested as my passengers!’

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