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Wild Scotland in Norway!

Wild Scotland went overseas last week as Wild Scotland manager, Caroline Warburton was invited to speak at two events in the Telemark region of Norway.

The first event at Hovden, near the Hardangervidda National Park was part of an ‘Innovation Mountain Tourism’ project. Following a visit in the summer by businesses from the region to Scotland, Caroline had been invited to present Wild Scotland as an approach to marketing wildlife tourism businesses and received many positive comments about what the organisation is doing here in Scotland.

The second event was a smaller workshop for businesses in the Rauland area and provided more of an opportunity to speak with businesses about wildlife tourism in their area (which is currently very limited). The workshop involved a very snowy walk to a local Ramsar site (pictured) which the group are looking to develop (there is currently limited interpretation and no parking or viewing facilities) and an impressive interpretation centre relating to the wild reindeer population in the nearby National Park.

A good link was made with businesses which we hope we can continue. In fact the wildlife tourism link was perhaps stronger than we realised as it was from this area that our soon-to-be introduced beavers were captured!

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