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Red kites chicks hatch in Aberdeenshire

For the first time in almost 150 years red kite chicks have hatched in Aberdeenshire and the public are being offered the chance to keep up with their progress via two new CCTV viewing points. The chicks were raised by birds released two years ago as part of the Aberdeen Red Kites re-introduction project, which will have released almost 100 of the birds by the end of the summer.  

Jenny Lennon, the Aberdeen Red Kites project officer said, “ It’s fantastic to see our recently re-introduced birds raising their first chicks. Being new parents they still have a lot to do to make sure their chicks successfully fledge, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll make it”

Aberdeen Red Kites is a three year project to reintroduce kites to Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. 30 birds were released in 2007, 35 in 2008 and another 30-35 will be released in July this year. Many of the birds have been named by schools and local business.

CCTV pictures from the nest, in association with Forestry Commission Scotland, will be beamed to two points in the city for the public to view, VSA Easter Anguston and St Nicholas Kirk. RSPB staff and volunteers will be at VSA Easter Anguston Farm just off the North Deeside road beyond Culter, at the weekends from 10am-4pm to show the public live pictures from the nest and on Thursdays and Fridays from 12noon to 4pm RSPB staff and volunteers will be at St Nicholas Kirk in the city centre, with the latest recorded nest footage.  The public will be able to see the nest pictures until the chicks fledge and leave the nest in mid-July.

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