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Seeing Red – Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre & Cruises support WDCS Save the Whale Week

Since commercial whaling was banned in 1986, Japanese whalers alone have killed 20,000 whales.  Whales are intelligent creatures, yet the cruelty they suffer would not be accepted by most nations if inflicted on farm animals.  Whaling is horrendously cruel, unnecessary and it must stop.  Save the Whale Week (8th – 14th June) gives people a chance to get involved and have some fun while they’re saving whales!

Throughout the week Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre & Cruises will be holding fun activities to raise money for the campaign!

The theme this year is RED so make sure you’re wearing something RED when you take a cruise with us during Save the Whale Week and we’ll donate £5 on your behalf to the WDCS Save the Whale Campaign!

If you’re a WDCS member you can take advantage of our 2 for the price of 1 offer on any of you two-hour survey cruises.

To find the contact details for Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre and Cruises, click here.

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