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Biodiversity begins with a BComedian Phil Kay is buzzing about bees

Scottish stand-up comedian Phil Kay and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) are urging people to do all they can to help one small creature vital to biodiversity – the bee.

Kay has lent his voice to a SNH YouTube video about how important bees are to biodiversity. The lively video, available on YouTube at /biodiversity bee, features cartoon bees which come to untimely ends, and is a call to action for people to do quick and easy tasks to help bees and biodiversity thrive.

There has been concern over the decline of bees for many years. In the last 70 years, two species have become nationally extinct in the UK. Although six species remain relatively common, another six are recognized as needing conservation. The decline is likely due to a variety of factors, including threats from non-native bees and diseases, habitat loss and pesticides.

Bumblebees are the major pollinators of most of our wild flowers and some crops, such as oilseed rape, fruit, and broad, field and runner beans.

Phil Kay said “Scottish biodiversity is unique and precious but under threat. Everybody can do simple things to help make sure that our wildlife is looked after.”

Kenneth Fowler, SNH’s head of communications, said “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the changes happening to Scotland’s nature and biodiversity, but this animated film shows straightforward tasks that anyone can do to help reverse the decline. It’s estimated that, globally, species are becoming extinct at 1000 times greater than the natural average. Since we depend so much on animals, animal products, clean air, clean water, and insect pollination, these losses will have a huge impact.”

Biodiversity is the huge variety of living things around us: the plants, animals, and insects in our forests, mountains, rivers, seas, gardens and parks, right down to the organisms living in our soils. It’s the living bank balance which supports all our lives and is vital for our survival. Biodiversity is basically our life support system, providing us with crucial resources like fresh air and clean water.

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