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Bikes Allowed on Inverness-Cromarty Bus Route

From April 15th to the October school holidays 2013, Stagecoach buses will have the capacity to carry up to 4 bicycles on the long route from Inverness to Cromarty (the 26A) .

This is a first for Highland and is being made possible due to a partnership between Stagecoach, The Highland Council, HiTrans and the Million Miles project.

The route across the Black Isle is a popular route with visitors, and passes the Red Rock Mountain Biking Centre at Learnie.

In advance of the service leaflets being made available please note:

  •  Up to 4 bikes will be carried on the longer Inverness to Cromarty bus service (26A) not the shorter routes;
  • It will be the responsibility of cyclists to load their bicycles onto the carrier on the rear of the vehicle;
  • Spaces can be booked in advance provided at least 3 hours’ notice is given and bookings are available up to 16:00 each day;
  • To book call: 01463 258934 or email:
  • Don’t forget that cyclists in Highland can take their folding bikes on all Stagecoach services

Further information about the service will be available soon.



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