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Wild Scotland Offers 3 Month Internship

Wildlife Tourism Workshop, Fife at Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve, Feb 2013

Wildlife watching at Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve as part of the Fife Wildlife Tourism Workshop, February 2013

Wild Scotland, the Scottish wildlife and adventure tourism association is offering a three month internship to assist more people get involved with adventure tourism in the UK.

The part-time post presents an excellent opportunity for an individual to get stuck into the working of Scotland’s adventure tourism association. The association will provide the individual with a better understanding of the sector and also develop practical skills for future employment.

Gillian Brymer of Wild Scotland said, “We are approached regularly by people asking for internships with us and we’re delighted that we’re able to offer another individual the opportunity to work with us and our members. Our last intern went on to secure an excellent job so we hope that we can help another person forward their career.

The closing date for applications is Sunday 15th June 2014 .

Click here for more information about the post.

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