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Amazing Hebrides with Basking Shark Scotland

Sunfish selfie photo by Shane Wasik

Sunfish selfie photo by Shane Wasik

What an amazing time Basking Shark Scotland have recetly had with a incredible run of sightings from the rare Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola), to Minke Whales and of course multiple Basking Shark action.

A recent article from the Scotman covers the story.

AN UNDERWATER photographer who came home to Scotland empty-handed after travelling more than 7,800 miles to take a picture of an exotic fish in its home territory was amazed to finally accomplish his mission in the Hebrides.

Shane Wasik failed to snap the sunfish in the waters of Bali but managed to take a selfie of himself with one of the exotic fish, which was lured into Scottish waters as temperatures soared on Friday.

Sunfish, which can swim huge distances, are usually found in tropical and temperate waters, but are a rarity in the cooler climes of Scotland.

But as Mr Wasik, who runs Oban-based company Basking Shark Scotland, led a tourist boat trip off Coll, a sunfish made an appearance along with a shark and a whale.

Mr Wasik, 32, who recorded the surface temperature of the water at 18C – a rarity in the Hebrides – said: “I was sent out by a diving magazine on a photo trip to Bali to try to capture pictures of sunfish and unfortunately they didn’t show.

“Then there we were, patrolling the Sea of the Hebrides, when we saw a fin in the distance waving and flapping at the surface. We knew it was sunfish and motored the boat before making quiet at a safe distance.

For the full story visit the scotsman website though the following link

Basking Shark Scotland have also made an excellent video of the experience and can be seen on their website by clicking here.

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