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Golden eagles could return to southern Scotland

Golden eagle eye: credit Peter Cairns/Northshots

Golden eagle eye: credit Peter Cairns/Northshots

Improvements to habitats in the south of Scotland could lead to the area becoming a stronghold  for golden eagles.

A study carried out by the Scottish Natural Heritage showed that the area could potentially support up to 16 pairs, almost four times the present number. At the moment there are thought to be no more than one or two pairs in Galloway and no more than three in the Scottish Borders.

Duncan Orr-Ewing, RSPB Scotland Head of Species and Land Management, said: “These magnificent birds should be given every opportunity to recover and reoccupy lost range, and must be protected in practice from the effects of human persecution, which remains a significant threat to this species, and in particular to this perilously small and isolated population.”

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