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Basking in the Sea of the Hebrides

Basking Shark & Swimmer. Credit Basking Shark Scotland

Basking Shark & Swimmer. Credit Basking Shark Scotland

The Sea of the Hebrides is the place to be in summer if you’re a basking shark.

Scottish Natural Heritage and the University of Exeter have joined forces in an exciting new tagging project which will help to solve some of the mysteries about basking shark behaviour.

  • How long do basking sharks remain feeding in certain areas in Scottish waters?
  • How are the sharks using these areas which are important to them for feeding and potentially breeding?
  • Where do basking sharks go after their summer feeding in Scotland’s seas?
  • Do the sharks remain in deeper waters off Scotland over winter?

These are some of the questions this project will help to answer. For more information please visit the SNH website by clicking here.

Or if you would like the chance to see these mysterious creatures please visit our members page by clicking here.

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