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Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea Scottish Seabird Centre (c) Rob McDougall

Call of the Sea Scottish Seabird Centre (c) Rob McDougall

The Scottish Seabird Centre is hosting a special exhibition from the 4th October to 16th November focusing on the history of the fishing industry and North Berwick harbour; the dangers of life at sea; the essential need to safeguard our wildlife and the marine environment; plus Cap’n Salty Sea Dog’s Pirate Cove.

In the exhibition, visitors will be taken on a journey from the period of the great auk right up to the present day, focusing on the evolution of the maritime industry and the development of more sustainable fishing practices. Real life stories, videos and artefacts will bring the exhibition to life.

Plus, there will be the chance to meet Cap’n Salty Sea Dog, a fisherman in residence, who will host live performances and tours filled with sea shanties and heroic tales.

For full details of the exhibition and events click here.


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