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Discover Arthur’s Blog

Discover Mull is a wildlife and bird watching tour based near the scenic village of Devaig. Almost everyday Arthur of Discover Mull fills us in with his Blog which is full of interesting stories, facts and pictures.

Mull is renowned for its abundant wildlife and many historical, geological and scenic sights. It is the premier place in the UK to see Golden Eagles, White-tailed Eagle and the Hen Harrier. If you would like to read Arthur’s Blog and find out more about this fantastic place please click on the picture below. For a personalised and insightful day out Discover Mull come highly recommended.

According to the Sunday times:  “Your guides are Arthur and Pam Brown, who have the tracking skills of the Masai and the baking ability of Mr Kipling.”  Yum!

Arthur's Blog - Discover Mull

Arthur’s Blog – Discover Mull

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