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10 Photos You Wouldn’t Believe Were Taken In Scotland

When it comes to natural beauty, Scotland is blessed with rolling hills, meandering rivers and lush landscapes – but with so much spectacular scenery on our doorstep, are we missing out on some of Britain’s best views?

From weird and wonderful wildlife to ancient castles to perfect picnic spots, Wilderness Scotland’s Meike van Krimpen takes a closer look at some breathtaking photographs you won’t believe were taken in Scotland.

1. Clachan Sands, Isle of North Uist

There is nothing quite like riding on an epic expanse of white sand. These sands are hard and compact, so great to bike on. You can hardly believe that you’re in Scotland when you’re riding on a white sand beach in North Uist. On one side bright turquoise waters, and on the other side colourful flowers dotting the green machair. Beautiful. More information on The Hebridean Trail.

2. Aigas Gorge, River Beauly

The River Beauly is a calm and easy river perfect for novice canoeists. The river features a wide and steep sided gorge that makes you feel like you’re in Lord of the Rings canoeing with Legolas. The banks of the river are teaming with lush vegetation and wildlife, so you stand a good chance of seeing ospreys and otters in their natural habitat. More information on open canoeing along the River Beauly.

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