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Time to harness Community #ScotSpirit

Events in the past few weeks have provided quite a distraction – I’ve spent more time watching political commentators on TV than my wife deems healthy, writes Charlie Smith, Director of Marketing at VisitScotland.

As entertaining as it’s all been, I’m not a great deal further forward on what the future holds but I remain optimistic!

While the soap opera and uncertainty that surrounds geo-political events play out, it’s worth remembering that the work we all do, every day, can have a profoundly positive impact on our collective futures and our national economic well-being.

One of the main reasons Scottish tourism punches above its weight in a competitive global market place is because, up and down the country , the dedicated members of this industry are doing what they do best – providing outstanding hospitality and a warm welcome to visitors from all over the world.

Beyond anything else, our #ScotSpirit campaign has shown that, more than our incredible landscapes and rich heritage, it’s the passion, pride and positivity of the people that inspires visitors from all over the world to come here. It’s a priceless natural asset in an industry that generates £13 billion worth of economic activity, sustains 200,000 jobs and provides a shop window for investors, students and those who may wish to choose Scotland as their adopted home.

Time to harness Community #ScotSpirit.

That’s why, today, we have begun a mission to plant a Scot in every location worldwide, to share what makes this country so special. Traditional methods of marketing have their place but there is nothing more powerful than a recommendation that comes from those that are truly in the know.

Our new Online Community, which can now be accessed on the VisitScotland website from anywhere in the world, is a place that Scots and those who love Scotland can share their stories, their local knowledge and their warmth – and to inspire more people to visit these shores than ever before.

Time to harness Community #ScotSpirit.

Through this community, Scotland will be brought to life online in a way never before seen.  We are galvanising Scotland’s tourism industry and utilising the latest technology to spread this nation’s positivity around the globe. Fortunately, here in Scotland, we have the best places – and people – in the world to do just that.

Please sign up to Scotland’s Online Community and help more visitors enjoy this fine land.

View our short promotional video, Pride, with Amy McDonald’s soundtrack below.

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