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Coming soon to a Glen near you – The Rut


From the end of September until November our stags will be rutting, it’s a spectacular sight and sound and ranked as one of the UK’s top wildlife spectacles!

During spring the stags shed their antlers and have since been growing a new set ready to impress the ‘ladies’. The points on the antlers increase each time they grow in both genetic bearing along with the quality of food and nutrients available – which all play a role in determining how many points a stag will achieve in its lifetime. Many Scottish open hill red stags might never reach their true genetic potential.

Once antlers have 12 branches the stag is called a Royal Stag, an Imperial Stag has 14 branches and the star of the show is the Monarch of the Glen with an impressive 16 branches. The antlers are made of bone and while growing they are covered in a skin called velvet, full of blood vessels and nerves. Once the antlers are fully formed this velvet is rubbed off and even eaten by the deer as it’s full of nutrients.

During the Autumn months, once adorned with their new finery the mature stags will invest much time and effort roaring and ‘walking off’ without fighting, all in a display of dominance to impress and find a mate. However, conflict can soon escalate between evenly matched stags

This wonder of nature is a vision to behold and not to be missed if you get the chance. The area is also an excellent base for seeing and photographing all the charismatic species of the Western Highlands including: Otters, pine martens, red deer, golden eagle and white tailed eagle

Ardtornish Estate is located in one of Scotland’s best preserved and most untouched landscapes. We offer a range of self-catering holiday accommodation from grand Victorian Apartments through to cosy and romantic cottages. Every property has its own unique character and all enjoy stunning views, log fires and everything else you need for a wonderful wildlife holiday in the West Highlands of Scotland.

If visiting Ardtornish during these months don’t forget we work with a great guide, Matt Wilson, who can help you track and watch these magnificent creatures in their most dramatic performance.

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