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Misty Isle Boat Tripsmisty-isle

The Mackinnon clan have run Misty Isle Boat Trips for over 40 years at Elgol on the Isle of Skye. This family run business is filled to the brim with local knowledge and the traditional warm Scottish welcome and spirit. Visitors are sure to find the time to ask questions and find out about Seumas, the skipper’s, historic ancestry. As a descendent of John Mackinnon who ferried Bonnie Prince Charlie to safety, there’s certainly a story to tell!

As a family run business the Misty Isle’s crew have a very special team in place; their Biscuit Distribution Team! Made up of the family grandchildren you may be lucky enough to have one or two on the cruise with you. Trained all their lives in the art of biscuit selection they are the best people to help you pick the perfect biscuit for a cruise across the loch!


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