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RSPB Scotland is well known for its mission to protect Scottish birds and wildlife in Scotland, but why is conserving wildlife here so important? It may be due, in part, to Scotland holding over half the world’s blanket bog environment, the Caledonian pinewoods and the more than 10,000 miles of coastline marine environments.

All of these environments have species that depend on the conservation of their home. In Scotland these include rare  and endangered species such as Golden and White-Tailed Eagles, Scottish Crossbill, the Capercaillie, the Great Yellow Bumblebee and the Dark-Bordered Beauty Moth.

In order to prevent loss of species through habitat destruction the RSPB Scotland have taken action. Using targeted conservation programs RSPB Scotland are improving prospects for the 16 highest-priority UK bird species. They are using nature friendly practices throughout all their sites and educating other on how to do the same.

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