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Wild West

Deer Credit: Wild West

Deer Credit: Wild West

Wild West began in 2009 and have delivered world-class guiding wildlife safaris in and around Lochaber every year since. Run and guided by Ian MacLeod who has lived and worked in the area for 26 years Wild West has some of the most in-depth knowledge of the area to share with visitors. Ian has completed Wild Scotland’s 12 day wilderness guide training, enhancing his intimate understanding of the wilds of Scotland.

As a photographer Ian’s safaris are particularly suited to capturing images of Scotland’s wildlife and landscape. Ian offers four different safaris for clients to choose from: The Big Five Safari; The Searchlight Safari; Red Dear Safari; and Half Day Safari.

The Big Five is visitors chance to see the five most iconic animals in Scotland – the golden eagle, read dear, red squirrel, otter and harbour seal. Leaving early in the morning visitors take a cruise with skipper Jim across Loch Shiel, watching for a variety of wildlife from the boat. On arrival at Acharacle the tour is met by Ian and the Wild West minibus. The tour can then have the opportunity to spot more wildlife from the Garbh Eilean wildlife hide and enjoy a picnic lunch. The day continues to excite providing more opportunities for wildlife watching on land and by boat. This is an all-day experience lasting approximately 8 hours.

The Searchlight Safari is ran after nightfall, making it the best safari to spot nocturnal animals. The main goal on this trip it to spot the elusive Scottish pine marten, although other species can be seen. Before night falls Ian’s safari offers the chance to spot otters in the river and black grouse lekking.

The Red Dear Safari is the perfect opportunity to see deer in rut from September to October. This trip last 3.5 – 4 hours and runs all year, although the rut is a seasonal treat. There are some fantastic photo opportunities to capture these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Also on offer are the Bespoke Safaris. These safaris can be customised to suit the preferences of the group. Whether it’s to spot a specific species or visit a particular location Ian can customise one of his existing trips or help create a brand new one.

Whether it’s a full day or half day safari Wild West aim to provide the most opportunities to sight Scottish wildlife. There is a great range of species that can be seen while on safari that skipper Jim and guide Ian are personally knowledgeable about. They are always happy to answer questions and tours can be customised in advance.


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