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Alladale Wilderness Reserve – An Introduction

Alladale Wilderness Reserve is 100 square kilometres of rugged mountains, forests, rivers and lochs that enable guests to experience a rewilding project in action. Located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, just an hour drive north of Inverness the reserve offers a variety of unparalleled outdoor experiences as well as superb hospitality across four well-equipped lodges.

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Alladale is not a typical Highland estate. Unlike much of the surrounding region, the land is no longer manipulated to optimise hunting, fishing and shooting experiences for traditional sporting guests. Instead, deer numbers are controlled and over 800,000 trees have been planted. As a result, the land is gradually changing and species that have been absent for decades are returning.

What we think of as Scottish countryside – the barren highlands of heather and rock, are not, in fact, natural landscapes. They are the result of ancient deforestation that has been followed and compounded by hundreds of years of overgrazing by excessive deer povalley small_optpulations. The Romans called Scottish wilderness “the Great Forest of Caledon,” once covering 1.5 million hectares, today only 16,000 hectares remain. Alladale Wilderness Reserve is an oasis replanting forest and providing habitat for myriad species.

There are four lodges available for guests throughout the year –


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