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Glenloy Wildlife – February in the Great Outdoors

We can all need a good reason to drag ourselves into the ‘great outdoors’ in February so why not try something different and maybe experience something for the first time. Most of our iconic wildlife is around all winter and some of it is even easier to see. At Glenloy the pine martens are here all year round and we’re happy to share the pleasure of watching them. From the beginning of February and into early March we have availability for Pine Marten breaks or pine marten watching so why not get in touch? You can always add an early morning trip to watch black grouse and look for otters, lekking is at a very civilised hour at this time of year Blackcock and Otter safari

For those looking to get a bit more outdoors our first holiday of the year starts on 17th March for 4 nights. Shorter days mean that eagles and otters can be easier to find and red deer are down from the hills you can have a very close encounter. We also include a trip to look for winter ducks, geese and waders. The break includes 4 nights dinner, bed & breakfast and 3 full days out with lunch. Winter Wildlife break

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