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Family Birdwalk – Musselburgh – Ducks, Gulls, Grebes and Waders
Sunday 19 February

10 am

Price: Free

Musselburgh is definitely one of the best places in the Edinburgh area to see birds. Plenty of waders, gulls and ducks will be on show and some, like the male Goldeneys, have already started their courtship displays. We’ll be visiting as the tide goes out and the waders come to feed on the the creatures living in the sand and mud.

Please note: this event is run by an RSPB volunteer group and is organised for interested members of the local community.

Meet by the ATC hut at the end of Goose Green Crescent, Musselburgh. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Where is it?
County: Edinburgh
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Telephone: 07929987276

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