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For 2017 Caledonian Discovery have introduced a new cruise ”Discover the Great Glen”

great glen 327

This cruise offers a wonderful opportunity to discover the “Hidden Gem” that is the Great Glen. The focus of this cruise is for you to be at peace with the world and enjoy the magnificent scenery and wildlife while you relax on our comfortable barge.

Gentle walking or cycling will be on offer to explore places of interest. These include waterfalls with cafes nearby and castles offering afternoon tea. Your crew and guide, as always, will be there ready to help. These soft activities are optional so if you would prefer to remain on the barge, enjoy the views, you are more than welcome.


As this is a new cruise for 2017 Caledonian Discovery would like to offer from now until the 31st of March 2017 £100 per person off this cruise.


For further information on this cruise please visit our Cruise page




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