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A wildlife spectacular with Wild West Safari

As the summer draws to a close our visiting birds have fledged and are preparing to migrate to their winter feeding grounds. Whales and dolphins leave for warmer seas. But in the glens of Scotland, things are just starting to warm up for the climax of the Scottish wildlife year, the red deer rut. The stags are shedding the velvet from their new antlers and both males and females look magnificent in their summer coats. Come the end of September and through October, the glens will be alive with the sound of bellowing and clashing of antlers as the stags compete to mate with harems of hinds.


Wild West offer almost daily opportunities to witness this wildlife spectacle for yourself and you can book online. If you do not see suitable dates or times please get in touch as other times are available. Alternatively, if you are looking for an original gift for your wildlife loving friends or relatives, how about a Wild West gift voucher?

Wild West also have digiscoping adapters to allow you to get great close up photos of the action with your smartphone attached to a telescope. So join Wild West this autumn to enjoy a never to be forgotten trip to see the red deer rut.

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