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Alladale Estate

Wim ‘The Iceman’ Hof Metod at Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Alladale is hosting a unique retreat from April 8 to 15th all the way out in our remote bunkhouse Deanich Lodge. Find your inner fire in the Scottish Highlands, during this once in a lifetime 8 day retreat, with WHM Instructor Allan Brownlie.

This Edinburgh-based Scot will guide you through the process of optimizing body and mind, using the Highland cold to practice breathing techniques and change your mind set. He will also teach you how to implement these techniques into your daily routine.

Join Allan in the unique setting of Alladale Wilderness Reserve’s 23,000 acres of rough and challenging landscape, located high up North in the Highlands. Bunkhouse Deanich Lodge will be your accommodation throughout your stay. Deanich is one of the most remote buildings in The Highlands, located 7 miles away from Alladale’s main lodge. Do not expect WIFI or cell-phone coverage here: this is a true off-grid experience.

Get in touch for more information:

01863 755338

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