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Spring activity breaks at Glenloy Wildlife


If you have a nagging doubt about all the carbon emissions created by foreign travel then maybe now is the time to discover, or rediscover the wealth of wildlife, adventure and fabulous scenery that Scotland has to offer. Here on the west coast we are truly blessed with a surfeit of all three, and you don’t have to travel very far.

Here at Glenloy the wildlife even comes to you. You can sit in comfort and watch acrobatic red squirrels in the trees or a pine marten closer than you ever imagined, while enjoying tea, cake and even a glass of wine. You can leave your car and let us show you what the area of Lochaber has to offer from the highest mountain to the stunning coastline and islands – and everything in between. We have a healthy population of golden eagles (I’ve seen five this week already), an increasing number of white-tailed eagles and several osprey pairs nearby. With an enormous length of coastline otters can be encountered in many places, including the middle of Fort William! In fact it is possible to tick off Scotland’s Big Five relatively easily in one day – Otter, golden eagle, red squirrel, harbour seal and red deer.

The beauty and variety of the landscape here is not only good for wildlife but also for adventures of all sorts. World class, walking, cycling and kayaking are all available nearby with opportunities for all levels from novices to real pros. Also, what better way to watch wildlife than to join them in their own element. Imagine watching seals and otters from a sea kayak or looking down on an eagle from the summit of a mountain.

Glenloy Wildlife offer wildlife watching trips and accommodation with pine marten watching as well as all inclusive wildlife holidays. During the month of June we are offering activity breaks to take advantage of all that Lochaber has to offer especially at this most beautiful time of year. Flexibility is the key to these breaks, you decide what and when you want to experience. As our speciality is wildlife then we are offering a full day trip with us as part of the package and of course pine marten viewing each evening. Choose either a three or a four night break and we will provide you with a hearty breakfast and a packed lunch each day. This means that all you have to worry about is which of our great local restaurants you want to visit to sample the local produce (a must if you love seafood, but all tastes catered for).

We will put you in touch with local activity providers so that you can cycle, kayak, canoe or walk through our wonderful landscapes. We also have plenty of suggestions for walking routes to find some hidden gems, and that will suit your requirements. All breaks are for a minimum of two people and prices are given for two people.

For more information see our website:

4 night break  – including one day trip, breakfast, lunches & pine marten viewing         £540

(2 people)  

3 night break –    including one day trip, breakfast, lunches & pine marten viewing        £440 

(2 people)             

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