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Edinburgh Boat Charters Go West

For 2019, we at Edinburgh Boat Charters made the exciting decision to move one of our yachts over to a new base on the West Coast. In order to choose the best location to base the yacht our skipper, Colin, has been flying around looking for a great marina. He wanted to see them all from the air so he could really get an idea of the sailing area and the scenery. After flying all over the West Coast of Scotland, Colin finally decided that Dunstaffnage Marina was the one for us. This stunning marina is within a 10 minute drive of Oban centre and provides excellent access to sailing the islands of Mull and Jura; as well as Skye and the Outer Hebrides for the more adventurous souls!

Colin took several astounding photos whilst flying to really showcase our new location.

It will be our stunning Bavaria Vision monohull yacht that will be making its way over to Oban in the first week of April. This journey will take several stages with our skipper, Colin, sailing the yacht all the way from Edinburgh to Inverness, before travelling through the Caledonian Canal to reach Loch Linnhe and Dunstaffnage Marina. Once the yacht is settled in its new berth, customers will be able to enjoy “learn to sail” charters and extended cruising in a stunning new location.

One of our main reasons for choosing to move one of our yachts over to the West Coast is for the gorgeous scenery. Islands, lochs and hidden inlets combine to make this one of Scotland’s most picturesque and breathtaking sailing areas, with something for everyone. There is also an exciting variety of wildlife over on the West Coast so this new location is perfect for those wishing to spot a wide range of Scottish wildlife. Puffins and dolphins are a regular feature whilst sailing these waters; and near the Isle of Mull, it is not unusual to spot a whale.

Whilst our yacht enjoys its new marina and sailing area, our catamaran yacht will still be based at Port Edgar Marina, just outside of Edinburgh. So don’t worry, you can still join us for our usual scheduled trips and private charters on the Firth of Forth.

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