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Author Abi Elphinstone arrives for truly Wild Tree Adventures at Mellerstain House & Gardens

Renowned Children’s Author Abi Elphinstone is seeking inspiration from within the canopy of the ancient trees Mellerstain House & Gardens this summer.  Abi is joining the growing group of people who are getting ‘back to nature’ and taking to recreational tree climbing.

Later in the summer, bestselling children’s author Abi Elphinstone will be joining us for a really big Wild Tree Adventure as part of her research for Jungledrop, the second book in her Unmapped Chronicles series. Abi has also lived with the Kazakh Eagle Hunters in Mongolia, been dog-sledding in the Arctic and soon she will be going up in the world….”

Wild Tree Adventures Director Tim Chamberlain who will be showing Abi the ropes as they ascend a giant beech tree in the grounds of Mellerstain House & Gardens said: “Climbing trees can be an amazing experience. Your perspective completely changes when you are high in the branches and it’s a chance for contemplation and inspiration.  Mellerstain has some amazing, ancient trees and we’re so pleased to be able to share this with Abi. It will be fascinating to see how her experience influences her future work.”


George, The Earl of Haddington, said “Mellerstain has some truly spectacular trees throughout the grounds and gardens.  While many of us have enjoyed them from the ground we’re delighted that Abi Elphinstone will also be able to seek inspiration up in the canopy.”

To find out more about tree climbing including scaling the giant beech tree at Mellerstain House & Gardens visit

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