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12th March 2020

The majority of wildlife, adventure and activity businesses in Scotland will be affected by the impact of Coronavirus.  Below are a few tips that have been put together by Victoria Brooks from Wild Scotland and Peter Syme, Adventure Specialist. You can also keep in touch by following Wild Scotland and Peter on LinkedIn

The Wild Scotland door is open so please get in touch if you would like any help or advice. If we can’t help then we will find someone who can.

We wish every single one of you the very best of luck through these turbulent and challenging times.

  1. Be prepared for last minute bookings / same day bookings from domestic travellers.
  2. Communicate and be business transparent – let your customers know where you are based – perhaps you are very remote, this could be an attraction? Let them know how much or how little coronavirus there is in your community. And let them know what precautions you are taking as a business such as cleanliness / advice to staff and your prevention policy for guests. Communicate with a single voice from your business and destination – keep everyone from your staff, your visitors and community updated as much as possible. Use tools such as your e-newsletter, website and social media.
  3. Keep on top of the latest advice and brief your staff. Make sure your staff are fully aware of what precautions they need to take e.g food preparation. hand washing, cleaning surfaces regularly with disinfectant etc-.
    General guidance for employers and businesses is available at:
    – Up to date information for tourism businesses can be found at:
  4. Do an internal assessment: assess your finance, operations, communications and marketing. Double down on anything that is currently generating cash and bank it. Cut back on the non-essential projects and nice to have. Protect the core of your business and try to create a financial plan that keeps your business alive with a reduced cashflow.
  5. Operations: Make friends with your competitors. Meet with them and figure out how to work together to continue to deliver services to customers but share back end costs. This helps everyone and damages no one. Work together like never before. Build bonds locally and remember there will be plenty of locals around this year possibly looking for some adventure…
  6. Prices: this is not a time to reduce prices. Maintain your prices and improve your quality. This is a time to ensure you are exceeding expectations by delivering a quality product. Remember you will be looking for great reviews!
  7. People: Your people and your guides are the only real strategic asset that you have in the digital era. Protect them as much as you can. Tough decisions will be forced for many but we are nothings without good people.
  8. Marketing: you many need to change your marketing focus for the year ahead. Focus on guests who are closest to you. Think about your local community. People might still want to get away, go on an adventure but they might think twice about how far they travel.
  9. Be open minded and see the bigger picture: who knows when and how this will end up. There are many challenges ahead but remember Scotland is an incredible destination and our international travellers will come back. Try to use the time you have to plan for the future – come up with fresh ideas, develop your sustainability plan. See this as an opportunity to improve your business.
  10. If you are quiet then use the time to complete that ‘to do’ list. Brighten up your website, start a blog. Improve your SEO. Engage more with social Media. People will still be looking and dreaming about the future. They will be making lists of what to see and do in 2021. Let’s make Scotland their no.1 choice!

If you have already been affected by Covid-19 then please can you spare a few minutes to fill in this short VisitScotland questionnaire. This is a very short survey and is used to feed back to government: VisitScotland Monitoring the effect of Covid-19 on the Scottish Tourism Industry


For Further info please contact: Victoria Brooks:


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