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Covid-19 Updates, Advice and Guidelines for Wildlife, Adventure and Activity Operators / Businesses in Scotland

Wild Scotland has produced guidelines to support and signpost operators and businesses in the Wildlife, Adventure and Activity Tourism Sector in Scotland, to websites and other information pools to provide them with generic guidelines and advice relating to Covid-19 to ensure they operate safely and securely for the benefit of themselves, their staff, their visitors and the wider public.

The suggestions are not meant to be definitive or finite, they are there to aid everyone to make sensible decisions within their own operations.

Covid-19 Guidance for Wildlife, Adventure and Activity Sector in Scotland please note this guidance will be updated on a regular basis as guidelines change – updated 24th June 2020 // Issue 3

Wildlife Watching Guidelines – Day Tours last updated 23/6/20

Adventure Travel COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines – Global Review – release date 23rd June 2020

Risk Assessment Templates (HSE)

First Aid Advice for First Responders UK Government 

Tourism and Hospitality Sector Guidance 

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