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Update your TripAdvisor and Expedia listings with your new safety measures

On Monday 27 July, VisitScotland went live with marketing campaigns on TripAdvisor and Expedia. If your business is listed on these platforms, please take the time to update your profile / listing to highlight any measures you have implemented for the safety of visitors.

The campaigns are running for at least three months, with the aim of boosting bookings through summer and on to autumn / winter.


The TripAdvisor campaign will have co-branded VisitScotland and TripAdvisor banner adverts, targeting people based in the UK and Ireland who are searching for UK content on the website or app.

The banners will direct users to inspirational Scottish content, showcasing all regions of Scotland, and we have been careful to include businesses that are open and ready to welcome visitors. Users will then be encouraged to create their own Scottish adventure.

We estimate that we’ll reach over nine million unique users through this campaign, with over 23 million impressions (shown on users screen).

Businesses have the opportunity to add their Travel Safe initiatives to their TripAdvisor listing.


The Expedia campaign has VisitScotland branded banner adverts, also targeting those in the UK and Ireland searching for UK content across the Expedia sites (including and Homeaway UK).

Traffic from these banners will direct users to a landing page with inspirational Scotland content, initially focusing on city breaks, and then on to bookable product within Scotland. From September, we will enhance the campaign with the ‘Expedia Gold Package’, which allows us to present a more visually appealing portrayal of the whole of Scotland.

VisitScotland estimate that we’ll reach around seven million users through this campaign (29% of the total Expedia audience), with over 27 million impressions (shown on users screen).

If you have a listing on Expedia, or Homeaway UK, please ensure you update this to include any of your new safety measures.

Further information

​​​​​​If you have any questions about updating your listings on TripAdvisor or Expedia please contact:

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