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Record number of back-garden bonfires: How to protect hedgehogs and build a wildlife-friendly bonfire at home

It’s set to be a record year for back garden bonfire celebrations on 5th November, with households determined to keep the Guy Fawkes bonfire night festivities alive.

Though with the spike in DIY bonfires in gardens across the UK, wildlife experts have warned the public to check their bonfires for wildlife before lighting.

Hedgehogs are in particular danger as bonfire log piles appear to hedgehogs to be ideal places for shelter.  Unfortunately the native British mammals regularly fall foul of un-checked bonfires and are killed because of it.

The lovable creatures were recently named on The Mammal Societies Red List of endangered mammals which makes the warning for bonfire night more crucial than ever. Since 2007, numbers of wild hedgehogs in the UK have halved, and there are now thought to be fewer than a million left in the UK.