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Outdoor & Marine Tourism Fund

The guidance for this fund was launched yesterday & the fund will open for 1 week from the 2nd February:
  • Wild Scotland & Sail Scotland began lobbying the Scottish Government in July 20 for funds to support the Marine and Outdoor Adventure sectors on behalf of our respective members.
  • We surveyed & consulted with members to form a series of submissions for financial support over the summer and autumn.
  • After extensive discussions & wider representation through The Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) & directly to Ministers we made a joint submission in November.
  • The submission sought under a Three Ask banner; Emergency funds to support the restart & recommissioning for season 2021. Workable Rules for the sector to support viable trading & lastly Recovery Marketing support.
  • After extensive lobbying we secured the £2.5m Marine & Outdoor Tourism Fund.
Like other support funds secured through sector group representations, we expect the fund to be oversubscribed. In order to make the fund fair and more accessible a number of eligibility criteria have been included, all of which are detailed in the fund guidelines below.
Although we welcome this essential fund, we continue to highlight the desperate need for further financial support in the sector.

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