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Some helpful guidance and indicative dates relating to the latest Government update on the 16th March – especially in relation to adventure tourism activities

Updated Government Strategic Famework 

COVID-19 Guidance for Wildlife Adventure and Activity Operators 


Travel into and out of Scotland

Currently non-essential travel between Scotland and the rest of the UK and the wider Common Travel Area (CTA) (i.e. the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) is prohibited as a measure to reduce the risk of importation of the virus.

Indicative Dates

12th March

  • Organised Outdoor Sport/ Activities  for groups of adults of up to 15 including the coach/ guide was able to resume from Friday 12th March.
  • For clarity ‘Organised’ sporting or physical activity refers to:  activities where the number of participants is larger than allowed under normal household rules and which are undertaken in a structured and managed way following the specific rules and guidance of the relevant National Governing Body, local authority or businesses who have in turn fully applied related sportscotland and Scottish Government Guidance. Relevant NGB guidance can be found within the Wild Scotland COVID-19 Guidance
  • All organised activity should be overseen by a COVID Officer whose role is to ensure appropriate management processes are in place so that they can effectively oversee and maintain the measured outline. The COVID Officer will also need to take the eLearning.
  • In effect this sportscotland guidance suspends physical distancing and household guidelines, for the duration of the activity. Some activities will require participants to be closer than 2 metres and contact between maybe at times necessary. Mitigating actions will need to be in place ensure the safety of the participant.

2nd April

  • The stay-at-home message will change to stay local.
  • As far as we know at the moment the rules for ‘Organised outdoor activity will remain the same as we stay in level 4.  Therefore, the activity must only take place within the authority area that the participants are from. However, the coach/ guide can travel out of the authority area.
  • Informal activity is slightly different in that you can travel 5 miles out of your local authority area – starting and ending from the same place.
  • For non-organised, informal activity up to 4 adults from 2 homes are allowed to gather for recreation and exercise

5th April

  • 6 people from 2 households will be able to meet for recreation and exercise
  • More retailers/ click and collect to open

 26th April

  • Travel within mainland Scotland allowed.
  • Tourist accommodation can open with restrictions in place. Note: if not before this may allow camping overnights to be undertaken, albeit with appropriate covid safety measures in place e.g. single person occupancy.
  • Hope for travel with rest of UK to resume but nothing has been confirmed.

17 May: What next?

On 17 May, it is hoped that groups of four people from two households would be able to socialise indoors in a private home, and that cinemas, amusement arcades and small scale outdoor and indoor events could restart with limits on capacity. Further easing on this date would include outdoor contact sport for adults and indoor group exercise. Further clarity is required as to what this might mean for outdoor activities and marine operators.

The First Minister also indicated that in early June it is hoped that Scotland could move to Level 1 and by end of June to level 0.

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