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First Minister Statement 15th June 2021

Today in a statement to Parliament the First Minister confirmed there would be no changes to the current COVID-19 Protection levels. She cautioned that it was unlikely any part of the country would move down a level at next week’s review which will consider possible changes from 28 June onwards. It had been previously hoped the country would move to Level 0 but the First Minister warned that it was more likely that current restrictions would be kept in place for a further three weeks to give more time for people to be fully vaccinated.

The First Minister also said any changes that can be made safely within the levels will be considered.

In addition, the Scottish Government intends to publish a paper setting out what life will look like beyond level 0 when all or virtually all restrictions can be lifted, and also publish the outcome of the review on physical distancing, next week.

Read the full statement here.

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