Consultation Papers

Below is a list of papers which we believe would be of interest to our members. Click to make your voice heard.

2019 possible Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas consultation
This consultation is being ledby Marine Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage and they welcome views on the further development of the network of marine protected areas in Scottish waters.
Four possible Nature Conservation MPAs (pMPAs) are recommended for designation.
Further information and comments can be viewed and added here.

Proposed Special Protection Areas for Scottish marine birds: Supplementary Consultation on SEA and site classification
On 14 September 2018 Marine Scotland published an Environmental Report (ER) and associated Network Assessment on proposed Special Protection Areas (pSPAs) for Scottish marine birds. Views were invited on the ER, the approach taken by the Network Assessment and the conclusions which had been reached. In light of the comments received, we are taking this further opportunity to clarify and update our position on a number of points.
Read more and give your views here. 

Short term lets consultation July 2019
The Scottish Government has recently launched a consultation on short term lets. This will be used to inform the Scottish Government’s regulatory approach on the matter.
Please see further information on the ASSC website and you can respond to the consultation here.

Scottish climate change adaption programme – Scottish Government 2019
Stakeholders’ responses to consultation draft on Scotland’s second statutory five-year climate change adaptation programme. The programme is due to be launched in autumn 2019.
Responses to consultation can be read here.

Refresh of SNH Corporate Plan
SNH has issued a discussion paper setting out its developing thinking on refreshing its Corporate Plan and priorities for the period 2017 to 2022. – Further Details
Closing Date: 30th  November 2016
Comments to: corporateplan2017_2022@snh.gov.uk 

Boundary Commission for Scotland
Initial Proposals for 2018 Review – further details
Closing date: 11 January 2017
Comments to: comments@scottishboundaries.gov.uk

Environmental Protection Post-Brexit
further details
Closing date: 20 January 2017
Comments to: karen.ramoo@scottishlandandestates.co.uk

REC Committee – Draft Budget 2017-18 Call for Evidence
The Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee is launching a Call for Evidence to help inform its scrutiny of funding and performance in two priority areas within its remit – forestry and digital connectivity – further details
Closing date: 02 December 2016
Comments to: Rec.committee@parliament.scot


Past Policy Consultations

Scottish Government Enterprise & Skills Review

Full details can be accessed here. The Consultation closes on the 15 August.


The Scottish Parliament European and External Relations Committee on the EU referendum and the implications for Scotland

Full details can be accessed here. The deadline for written evidence is 5 September.


Scottish Government response to UK Apprenticeship Levy

Full details can be accessed here. The Consultation closes on the 26 August.


Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee on priorities and challenges at present and in the longer term

SCDI will be submitting written evidence by 30 August  and will be giving oral evidence to the committee on 7 September.


Barclay Review of Business Rates for the Scottish Government

Full details can be accessed here. The Consultation closes on the 7 October


SNH on the protection of Britain’s waters to help marine birds

Full details can be accessed here. The consultation closes on the 26 September


Government launches consultation on the future of forestry

The Scottish Government is consulting on the future of forestry in Scotland.  The consultation, will run through to 9 November 2016. Full details can be accessed here.