Industry News from Dec 2016

Decline in Scotland’s seabirds ‘slowing’

Decline in Scotland’s seabirds ‘slowing’ A decline in Scotland’s seabird numbers has slowed and may have stabilised over the last four years, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has suggested. Numbers have been falling since the early ...

Marketing Update 2016

Wild Scotland Marketing Update 2016 The Aim of Wild Scotland Marketing is to promote Scotland worldwide as a World Class Nature, Wildlife and Adventure Tourism Destination. The ultimate objective is to increase the number of visitors and spend in Scotland...

What’s Coming in 2017?

What’s Coming in 2017? Here at Wild Scotland we are constantly working on improving the marketing support we provide, how we run and the ways in which we engage online. That’s why in 2017 we are making some exciting changes! Read on to find ou...

Adventure Accessible for Everyone

Adventure Accessible for Everyone Access to Adventure is a new holiday company, based in Rosyth. It is also unusual. Its business plan contains core values such as inclusivity, a non-judgmental, non-critical, supportive and praising culture, raising feeli...

Battle of the Best

Battle of the Best In March 2017 comes the Battle of the Best  

Adventure Travel Trip Pricing

Adventure Travel Trip Pricing – Part One As any experienced adventure travel tour operator can attest, coming up with a fantastic trip concept – challenging as that is – is often the easy part of designing adventure itineraries.  Much more challeng...

Scottish Government Draft Budget 2017 – 2018

Scottish Government Draft Budget for 2017 -2018 The Scottish Government have today announced their draft budget for 2017 – 2018. Finance Secretary Derek Mackay today unveiled a budget for growth and public services as he announced new investment in ...

The Outdoor Industry Is About to Become a Serious Political Force

The Outdoor Industry Is About to Become a Serious Political Force President Obama signed a bill that would finally measure the size of the industry—and lobbyists can’t wait to flex that muscle. A new bill passed by Congress will include the econom...

Fears for St Kilda’s kittiwakes as population plummets

Fears for St Kilda’s kittiwakes as population plummets Birds departing St Kilda, like the islanders before them.  There are fears the decline of the Atlantic’s most significant seabird sanctuary is already underway as kittiwake numbers on St Kild...

Funding Finder December 2016

Funding Finder December 2016 Finding funding can be difficult but this handy post contains some of the funding available to you. Find out more about each option from the links below. Make note of the deadlines – some of them are approaching fast! St...