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Basking Shark Scotland

We are the only dedicated basking shark tours based from Oban, Scotland.

We offer shark and wildlife excursions to the Inner Hebrides where our mission is to provide great interactions with basking sharks and the abundant wildlife of the area. Our main focus is boat based and an in-water swimming experience with basking sharks. However we do run watching trips, scuba diving and island adventures too.

Our basking shark Scotland tours are organised from May to September to coincide with the shark’s migration to the area where they feed on the abundant plankton.

Our area of operation is a known basking shark ‘hotspot’ and is also widely known as one the best areas in Scotland for prolific marine life. In addition to the regular shark sightings, our trip include whales, dolphins, seals, golden eagles, puffins and many other seabirds. Combine this with the stunning scenery of Argyll, volcanic wonders of Fingal’s Cave, historical landscape of castles, abbeys and ruins- there is a huge amount to take in!

Contact Details

Address:Cearban Ltd
PA34 4LX

Opening Times

See website for dates.


Species this provider offers to spot


Geographical regions this provider operates in

  • Argyll & the Isles


Activities this provider runs

  • Boat Trips, Sailing & Cruises
  • Diving & Snorkelling
  • Other Fun Water Activities
  • Wildlife Holidays

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