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Belmont House

A perhaps surprising find on the UK’s most northerly island – the charming Shetland island of Unst – is a classical A listed Georgian Mansion House which has remained unaltered throughout its long history, and now holds its place as one of the country’s most important Georgian structures.

Built in 1775 by Thomas Mouat of Garth, a Shetland landowner and businessman, Belmont House has an ambitious designed landscape, and is the least altered, classical ensemble in the north of Scotland. Retained are the perfectly proportioned Georgian rooms, including a Drawing Room, a Venetian Writing Room with views over the formal gardens, together with a Family Room, Kitchen and Dining Room. Experience too, the elegant main bedroom, alongside the quirky attic bedrooms and bathrooms in the upper part of the house.

Architectural detailing, plasterwork, wood panelling, paint colours and stonework are all mostly original in the national treasure that is Belmont House, to provide a fascinating glimpse into the upper echelons of Georgian landed gentry. Belmont House even has its East and West Pavilions, additional structures which can be used for extra self catering space for the more adventurous.

Since 2011, Belmont House has been making a name for itself as a self catering venue for groups of wildlife watchers, extended families, and heritage hunters, also hosting weddings and events. The fact it has survived to do so is in itself incredible, standing testament to the commitment, passion and hard work of a number of local Shetland residents who decided to save the House from ruin and neglect.

1996 saw a small group of them acquire the House from its Edinburgh owner. Realising its unique status, and concerned at its continuing deterioration, they were ready and willing to take on the huge task of saving Belmont. The House has now been meticulously restored by the Belmont Trust in a project which lasted fifteen years and cost £1.2 million.

It has proved more than worth it though, not only ensuring a viable future for what is a beautiful building, but winning national accolades, including The Georgian Group award for Best Georgian Country House Restoration in 2007.

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Open all year for self-catering accommodation


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  • Shetland, Orkney


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  • Estates, Reserves & Other Wildlife Spots
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