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Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster, or ‘Nessie’ taken from the gaelic meaning ‘female of the ness’, is probably the most famous cryptid in the world.

The word ‘cryptid’ is used in cryptozoology and refers to a hidden creature or living creature which might exist, this should not be confused with unreal or mythical creatures. For a beast to qualify as a cryptid there needs to be some form of evidence of existence, this can mean being mentioned in folklore or that there have been ‘sightings’.

The earliest recorded ‘sighting’ was made by St. Columba in 565 AD, when he saved the life of a Pict who was being supposedly attacked by the monster.  This was not Columba’s only sighting, as he saw her a second time that year.

Since then, multiple sightings have been made with pictorial and video evidence also having been recorded.  Most Nessie witnesses describe her as having two humps, a tail and a snake-like head, with some believing she could be one in a line of surviving plesiosaurs.

What is sure is that the legend of Nessie will endure!!!

Nessie is considered to be shy and scared of people, as can be seen from her lack of viewings...potentially she could be seen at any time!

Loch Ness, Scotland's (and the UK's) largest freshwater loch by volume.