Chequered Skipper

This colourful butterfly gets its name from the yellow spots found on the upper side of its wings which gives the effect of a chequered like appearance. Once found in England, it was declared extinct in 1976 before being found in damp grassy woodland habitats in Western Scotland near Fort William.

Active in the warmer weather the skipper congregates at sunny sheltered areas with lots of nectar nearby from favourite plants like the bugle, bluebells and marsh thistle.

The chequered skipper has a one-year life cycle but will emerge as a butterfly in the months of May/June.
Found in damp woodland spaces, within 30 miles of Fort William.
The males are the more frequently encountered of the two sexes and can be territorial. They take up position on suitable perches from which they fly out to investigate any passing objects. Females are more inconspicuous and will fly low among the grass when laying eggs.