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Highland Adventure Safaris names two new arrivals

In late June, Highland Adventure Safaris near Aberfeldy saw the birth of its first red deer calf when Rosie, one of the young hinds in the company’s Deer Park, gave birth to her first offspring – a female.

Two weeks later, everyone at the Safari Lodge was amazed when Prancer, the other hind in the Deer Park, unexpectedly gave birth to her first calf – a male. Visitors were invited to suggest names for the new arrivals, with deer related prizes on offer for the best suggestions

After receiving literally hundreds of suggestions, the female calf has been named Fudge by Maggie Gilder from Australia, who was inspired by the calf’s colour. The male calf has been named Zoom, as suggested by Ryad Black from Pitlochry, who was inspired by the calf’s behaviour.

Fudge and Zoom are now fully settled in with their parents in the Deer Park, although they still don’t venture too far from their mothers. Both calves now weigh around 15 kilos and they currently retain the spotted coats that they will keep until they are about 2 months old. They can be seen by visitors seven days a week.

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