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Kingdom Come! Scottish Field Centre hosts BBC star & film crew

John Lister-Kaye’s acclaimed Aigas Field Centre in the Highlands of Scotland has once again been playing host to a BBC wildlife presenter and his film crew.

Johnny Kingdom, star of the popular BBC 2 wildlife series “Johnny Kingdom, A year on Exmoor” has been helping centre staff to build a new beaver watching hide and filming local wildlife. The week-long visit has been organised by production company, Available Light for the BBC.

The team will return to Aigas to film in the summer and autumn and the finished sequences will form part of an hour-long Christmas special on BBC 2 to be screened this December.

Sir John Lister-Kaye, Aigas director described the visit as “…an outstanding success. Johnny Kingdom and his team are consummate professionals and such fun to have around, we are already looking forward to their return”.

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