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Bill Oddie plants 30th Anniversary Tree at Aigas.

This month Aigas Field Centre celebrates its 30th birthday.  Founded by well-known author naturalist Sir John Lister-Kaye who has lived and worked at the House of Aigas since 1976, the pioneering centre for wildlife tourism and environmental education was opened by the renowned ecologist Sir Frank Fraser Darling in 1977.

In partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage, Aigas’s educational division Naturedays now serves 78 Highland schools and provides educational programmes for 4,800 school pupils every year.  Over the years Aigas has seen more than 75,000 children through its doors and a further 15,000 adults on wildlife programmes and other associated subjects.  Sir John said “We were quietly plodding away at wildlife tourism and environmental education for 20 years before anyone else took it seriously.”

TV wildlife presenter Bill Oddie and his film crew have been working at Aigas for the past week.  They have filmed seals, dolphins, pine martens, dippers, dragonflies and many other exciting wildlife species during their stay.  Bill said “lovely scenery, lovey wildlie, lovely food & lovely people. Aigas is literally another – and better! – world. A place to celebrate life.” On Friday 11th May Bill Oddie planted a rowan tree to mark the Centre’s 30th birthday.

Sir John Lister-Kaye presented Bill with a copy of his latest book, Nature’s Child, and thanked him warmly for planting the tree.  Sir John said: “We are thrilled to be working with Bill and his ‘Seriously Wild Show’ team.  Bill has done so much to raise the profile of wildlife conservation in the UK and it is really rewarding to be able to share the wonders of the Wild Highlands with him and his colleagues.”

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