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Running out of Puff? No chance!

A puffin recaptured during a recent expedition to a remote island off Orkney by Sule Skerry Ringing Group is the oldest puffin known from over 95 years of ringing in Britain and Ireland – reaching the grand old age of at least 34 years old.

The puffin, identified by its unique ring number EB61097, was originally caught in July 1975 by the Sule Skerry Ringing Group on their first expedition to the island. Originally ringed as an adult, at least two years old, this recent capture makes EB61097 the oldest puffin known in Britain and Ireland and is also only a year short of the world record, currently held by a bird from Iceland.

Adrian Blackburn of Sule Skerry Ringing Group commented, “The puffin seemed to be in good health and as it was caught on the island, it’s probably attempting to raise a family, so is showing no signs of slowing down yet.”

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