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Highland Adventures in the Spotlight – new night safaris in Highland Perthshire

This November don’t be a coach potato. Join the wildlife and celestial stars on a Spotlight Safari.

The dark nights of November may encourage some homo sapiens to hunker down indoors in front of the television, but other species don’t take to their beds early on these chilly nights.

Scotland’s night-time hills may be spookily dark and silent, but they are certainly far from empty as all kinds of creatures go about their evening business. The most exciting way to discover the secrets of our nocturnal neighbours is on a Spotlight Safari with Wild Scotland member, Highland Adventure Safaris of Aberfeldy.

As dusk falls, climb aboard a comfortable Land Rover mounted with a powerful, narrow beam spotlight for an amazing journey of discovery into the high hills of Highland Perthshire. Spot foraging red deer, roe deer and foxes and look out for swooping owls and other nocturnal creatures as they go about their natural business. Experienced rangers will use their tracking skills to get as close to the action as possible without disturbing the wildlife, who simply don’t notice the beam of the spotlight. 

And on clear nights, Highland Adventure Safaris’ awesome new SkyScout telescope with state of the art GPS technology will help you search out and identify all the stars in the night sky. 

The heavens take on a whole new splendour in the intense darkness 2,000 feet up a mountain, miles from any light pollution. The stars seem somehow closer, and our resident astronomical expert will share his knowledge to point out constellations, star systems and distant galaxies as you’ve never seen them before. 

From spectacular wildlife a few feet away to mysterious worlds millions of light years away, a Highland Adventures Safaris’ Spotlight Safari has it all.

Spotlight Safaris leave from the Highland Adventures Safari Lodge near Aberfeldy in Perthshire at dusk every Tuesday and Thursday in November. Each safari lasts at least 1½ hours and costs £20 for adults and £15 for children.

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