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New Book Published – Tooth and Claw, living alongside predators

By Peter Cairns & Mark Hamblin

Against a backdrop of stunning imagery, this ground-breaking photo-documentary reveals how we really feel about Britain’s predators and intriguingly, why?

In modern Britain, predators mean vastly different things to different people. For some, they are a spectacle of the natural world and key to the ecological integrity of our countryside. For others, they are an inconvenience, a drain on rural businesses and strike at the very heart of our sense of control over nature.

Predators have always been hostages to our attitudes and today, as many predators claw their way back into our lives, our feelings towards them reflect a rapidly changing relationship with nature. The fact that predators must kill to survive forces us to make value-judgements about whether a particular predator is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ animal. Such judgements are often short on biological fact and are influenced by myth, culture, economics and pure emotion.

Tooth & Claw was conceived by professional conservation photographers Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin who have spent three years documenting those areas where increasingly, predators are coming into contact with our own activities and what this means to the people involved.

Tooth & Claw has spoken to farmers, gamekeepers, researchers, biologists and tourism operators both in Britain and in mainland Europe. Moreover, thousands of contributors to the project’s web site have allowed the authors a fascinating insight into our often extreme views on fox hunting, cats, bird of prey persecution and even the potential return of wolves to Britain’s wild areas.

Tooth & Claw will engage, inspire and inform anyone with an interest in the future of the British countryside. Ultimately, Tooth & Claw asks searching questions of all of us. It reveals our inconsistencies, our prejudices and above all, humbles us, reminding us of our own place in nature…as the most powerful predator of all.

Tooth & Claw is published by Whittles Publishing. ISBN 978-1904445-46-3
240 pages. Full colour throughout. 320mm x 235mm. Hardback. RRP £25.

Wild Scotland is an endorsing partner of Tooth and Claw, so we are offering our business members signed copies of the book at a discount of 20% from RRP (£25). To place your order, visit

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