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Glenholm Wildlife Project – looking for trees!

Glenholm Wildlife Project is based at the Glenholm Centre just outside Biggar in Lanarkshire. The project aims to not only encourage wildlife in this idylic glen but also to provide opportunities for people to watch and enjoy wildlife.

The wildlife project continues to flourish and there are several projects to tackle before the season starts in Spring. These include opening up new walks and creating a bird clearing and viewing screen in the Millennium Wood to encourage children to experience bird watching.

More trees are also being planted around the farm and a small ‘tree orphange’ has been set up. Local people are asked to bring their seedlings which are ‘growing where they shouldn’t’ to the centre where they’ll be reared until they are big enought to ventUre out into the world. Anyone who provides a seedling whould then be welcome to come and collect a more mature tree shoulD they need one in the future.

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