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Heatherlea guide and his unusual house guests on BBC TV!

Wild Scotland member, Heatherlea’s resident guide on the west coast of Scotland, Matt Wilson, has shown many of their guests pine marten, otter, golden eagle and white-tailed eagle over the years. Heatherlea guests always have a great day with Matt, who lives and works intimately with wildlife here and seems to know their every move. This year, Matt and the wildlife became even closer, as a female pine marten decided to raise her family in his loft! A camera was soon installed, and some of the fascinating results were seen on BBC Springwatch.

Matt says ‘It was fascinating to watch the mother bringing voles and small birds into the loft, to be quickly snatched by the kittens. As the young martens grew, we could always tell from the noise when they were playing – it can be confirmed that they sleep during the day and play at night!’

We believe that this filming of a marten’s den inside human habitation is unique, and with 64 hours of film taken so far Heatherlea are hopeful that they can edit the film for their guests to see in the future. In the meantime though, why not join Matt on a Heatherlea holiday? Matt will be present their ‘Top 30’ holidays in summer and also on ‘Top 20’ holidays in October and November.

Although these kittens will be long away from the den, Heatherlea have a virtually 100% record for seeing martens over the last few years -you can see the itinerary on Heatherlea’s website.

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